Closed Circuit Television
(CCTV) Systems

CCTV systems have found a variety of uses ; from enhancing security to increasing efficiency of operations. We use high performance cameras to provide real-time view of what is happening at multiple locations from a single main monitoring point with multiple sub-monitoring support sites. Our offering ranges from simple monitoring systems with a few cameras to large-scale networked video systems. We integrate CCTV solutions to other security solutions such as access controls, intruder detection systems and audio feeds to enhance capability.

Access Control

Access control systems restrict ingress and egress and keep track of access by different personnel and visitors through controlled entry and exit points. We offer top of the range access control systems from the basic standalone units to sophisticated multisite access control systems that can be managed as centralized or distributed systems. We seamlessly integrate access control systems with diverse building management system functions, which are monitored from a Command Control Centre. Our expertise is in combining a multiplicity of technologies to achieve the required security from proximity and smart cards to biometrics.


We provide turnstile, also called a baffle gate, which allows one person to pass at a time. When the turnstile arm is passed fastly, the absorber allows the turnstile to complete its rotating at a constant speed.